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Published on 24-04-2020

Hello dear members,

I have 2 great news for you!

First news our team developed 2 new types of banner advertising of 125x125px and second one of 728x90px.

Second and the best news we will have Paypal in all 3 sites at the end of the week.
Yes, PayPal!

You saw good, our team implemented a new way of adding safely funds with Paypal into ProBuxxer, AdBuxxer and BitBuxxer.

In this moment I and my team we are discussing the best way of adding PayPal.

So stay tunned for more informations and be prepared for PayPal because it's coming to our sites.

Emil Kaiser
Founder of ProBuxxer, BitBuxxer and AdBuxxer!

Cashout Points Rule Added!
Published on 23-04-2020

Hello Dear Members,


I’m happy to announce that begin from today the Country restrictions for Standard memberships it’s removed. All standard members are now accepted for cashout, but to cashout they must earn 2500 Cashout Points.

We are using Cashout Points to keep this site stable

You can earn money with lots of things and withdraw your money without the payment limit!

All you need to reach
2500 Cashout Points and request withdraw. You can easily get Cashout Points by clicking Offerwall Ads.

0.00000001 BTC gain will give you 1 Cashout Point. If you click on a high-value ad, you can earn cashout points up to the ad value. For example, if you click 0.00000025 BTC value ad, you will earn 25 Cashout Points.

Note: Cashout Points can only be earned from Offerwall Ads.
2500 Cashout Points will reduce after each payment request.


1st Referral Contest!
Published on 19-04-2020

Hello dear members,

I am pleased to announce you, I will launch Weekly Referral Contest.
It will start now and finish the 16th April 2020. (server time),
Get the maximum Direct Referral during the last 7 days and win nice prizes.

1 0.028 BTC Main balance
2 0.14 BTC Main balance
3 0.01 BTC Main balance
4 0.007 BTC Main balance
5 0.0035 BTC Main balance
6 0.0028 BTC Main balance
7 0.0021 BTC Main balance
8 0.0014 BTC Main balance
9 0.0004 BTC Main balance
10 0.00028 BTC Main balance

Rules :
1 : Russian Websites referrals not accept
2 : Only active referrals are counted.
3 : VPN traffic not allowed.

Best regards,
Emil Kaiser

Official Launch of BitBuxxer!
Published on 19-04-2020

Dear members,

I'm proudly to present our 3rd Hybrid project. We come with a fully customized script that allows you to earn through our Binance API.

With BitBuxxer you have the chance to earn hourly with our Binance Dividends that connects your earnings in REAL TIME with Binance . Every hour your earnings will come into your account from our Binance account . You have 4 Levels of Earnings depending if Bitcoin is in Bullish or in Bearish plus and extra Level if you Repurchase new Dividends from your Account Balance.
Purchasing Binance Dividends your earnings are guaranteed and 100% safe.

Another amazing and unique way to earn up to 1000 Satoshies per Claim is with our Bitcoin Faucet feature that allows you to earn more Satoshies depending of your membership upgrade Level.

For example: If you are an Ultimate member for every 1 PTC Ads Surfed and for every 1 Offer made you will receive 1000 Satoshies per claim. If you Surf 10 PTC Ads and you make 10 Offers from OfferWalls you will get 10,000 Satoshies.

But that's not all, our team has integrated that you can Add Funds with your preferred payment processors in USD($) and our API converts automatically your funds into Bitcoin in your accounts.
You have 2 options to withdraw in USD ($) or in Bitcoin. If you want to withdraw your funds in USD($) you must setup your accounts in USD($) in Personal Settings and your payment will be received in USD($).

Example: If you deposit through Payeer $1 you will receive automatically your Funds in your Purchase account in Bitcoin at the current price of the Bitcoin on the Binance platform that you make the deposit.

Same on the other 2 sites you have the opportunity to advertise at cheap prices.

For first 2000 members BitBuxxer will give a Special Advertising Package + a Free Silver membership.

Enjoy our new Hybrid Earning Program!

Emil Kaiser!